Dan and Michael Packard Fight Corruption in the Bexar County Sherriff’s Department. Case Reported on NBC News 4 San Antonio

Dan and Michael Packard are the lead attorneys on a high-profile case filed against the Bexar County Sherriff’s Department. The case arises out of a false arrest made by two deputy sheriffs against an 18-year old girl who was charged with felony evading arrest and DUI even though she was completely innocent.

Although the girl begged the police to give her a breathalyzer test, the officers refused. When she was released a few hours later, her mother immediately took her to a facility, where blood tests showed absolutely no trace of drugs or alcohol. Ultimately, a judge threw out all the criminal charges, but the girl had to pay thousands of dollars to a criminal defense attorney and she still has a felony arrest record.

Financial Incentive for Alcohol-Related Charges Resulted in This Improper Arrest

Dan and Michael were hired to file a civil lawsuit against the offending deputies and against the County. When they started looking into the case, they learned that the County is part of a program known as STEP (Selective Traffic Enforcement Program) that, when improperly implemented, provides a financial incentive for officers to make alcohol-related arrests. Officers who make a large number of DUI arrests are awarded lucrative overtime shifts. This practice can lead to abuse, including the false arrest that happened in this case.

The Sherriff’s Department has already begun termination proceedings against the deputies who perpetrated the false arrest due to their involvement in an unrelated sex scandal. However, sexual misconduct is only part of the problem, these officers were abusing their power in other ways as well. Dan Packard was recently interviewed on News 4 San Antonio explaining the details of this important case. The story aired on Friday, May 13.

If This Has Happened to You, We Can Help

This civil lawsuit was filed to protect San Antonio residents in the future from having to go through such a traumatic experience. If you believe that you were falsely charged or arrested for DWI due to the STEP program, please contact us. We may be able to help you.

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