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Let Our Family Help Your Family

If you’ve suffered an injury, if you are unable to work, or if you been left unable to pay essential bills, you know the feeling of an uncertain future, and it can take its toll on you and your loved ones:

  • How will you pay your bills?
  • How will you provide for your family?
  • What will happen to your home if you can’t work?
  • Is there anyone who can help make sense of all of this?

When these are some of the thoughts flooding through your mind, you need real guidance.  You need a nonjudgmental, listening ear, and you need knowledgeable and wise counsel.  Above all, you need someone who cares and who has the talent and experience to lead you through the sometimes bewildering process.

At the Packard Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers believe that you and your family deserve the best.

Combining Stability, Respect, and Personal Expertise to Serve You Better

No one deserves to be treated with disrespect or criticized for falling on hard times. In fact, we believe they deserve the exact opposite. Growing up, our family was taught to respect one another and to help those in need. We have taken this to heart by building a law practice dedicated to help the good people in our community who may be in financial distress, disabled, or otherwise affected.  We all work together every day to help people—people like you—who are trying to navigate through difficult waters and make it through successfully.

In order to make sure that we’re able to help as many victims of hardship as possible, each member of our team of attorneys has a unique skill-set, allowing us to work well together and enhancing the likelihood of success. These fields include:

Personal Injury 

You’re injured, and you need help! You need medical treatment, you need your car fixed, you need money for your lost wages and other expenses, and you need peace of mind. 

Dan Packard is ready to apply his extensive knowledge and experience to get you the help you need. From car accident injuries and truck crashes to slip and fall accidents and work-related injuries, Dan is board certified in personal injury trial law and a true specialist in his field, so you will have the talent and experience on your side.

Social Security Disability 

One reason why it’s difficult to pursue a claim successfully is because the rules for Social Security disability are as confusing and the process bewildering; about two-thirds of people who apply on their own get rejected the first time.

Dustin Draper has spent his career learning the ins and outs of the Social Security legal practice, enabling him to provide exceptional guidance and advice to those in need.


If you're overwhelmed with credit card debt, medical bills, or are at risk of missing a mortgage payment, it's time to consider bankruptcy.

David Packard is a board certified bankruptcy attorney over 22 years of experience helping families reorganize their finances and get a fresh start. He and his team have helped thousands of people save their home from foreclosure or car from reposession, and they can help you get back to paying attention to the things that matter most.

One Firm, One Family, One Drive—to Help You and Yours

As a victim of financial hardship and injury, you can’t afford to choose personal injury lawyerss who are unreliable or untrustworthy to guide you through your case. You need the comfort, peace of mind, and trust that comes with knowing the Packard Law Firm has you covered.

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personal injury lawyersContact us today at 855-464-7599 or schedule a free consultation by filling out our contact form on this page. Remember, it’s not only our job to help you, it’s our duty and privilege. Let our family help your family get the recovery you deserve.

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Download Your Free Copy of "20 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Car Wreck Case" Now!

Download Your Free Copy of "20 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Car Wreck Case" Now!

Have you been involved in a car wreck? There are things you need to know. Download our free book "20 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Car Wreck Case". Get informed!

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