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The Packard Family Legacy

photo of the packard family
At Packard Law Firm, we are all about family! We cannot separate our professional lives from who we really are because who we really are defined by the values we learned from our parents and extended family. These values inspire everything we do – the kind of people we represent, the kind of legal problems we solve and the kind of supportive working environment we try to create. The very fact that the brothers want to work together and raise their children together is an expression of this.

Several years ago, we began working on a project to preserve the family legacy. We started conducting video interviews, collecting photos, gathering important documents, and digitizing old “Super 8” and VHS video footage. It ended up being a massive project, but as we looked at what we had gathered, it occurred to us just how much our upbringing has influenced this law firm.

Why do we care about helping disabled people obtain their benefits? Why do we want to help injured people put their lives back together? Why do we help people who are experiencing a financial crisis get a fresh start? Why do we fight insurance companies and other powerful forces who take advantage of hard-working people? It is because of the values we learned growing up. Thus, it seemed only natural for us to put some of the stories, photos and videos on the firm website. In this section of our website, you will not learn the law, but you might learn a lot about what shaped the law firm.

Bernard “Bernie” Packard – “Dad”

Learn about our dad, Bernard “Bernie” Packard, and how his legacy has shaped our practice here at Packard Law Firm.

Sarah Hayes Packard – “Mom”

Mom’s philosophy on life was beautifully simple. She felt that all of her time, talents, energies and money really belonged to God.