As you considering applying for, or appealing, a Social Security Disability claim, you may be wondering if you should hire an attorney or go at it alone.

Is Hiring a Lawyer Worth It?

Hiring an attorney will cost you 25% of your back pay. So the big question becomes: is hiring an attorney worth the price? There are a number of ways that an attorney specializing in Social Security Disability can help you.

Handle Paperwork

First, the Social Security Administration loves to flood people with lots and lots of paperwork. Most of it is not very complicated but the volume is a lot for anyone to handle. The worst part is that there are a few select questions that actually do make a big difference in whether or not a case will ultimately win.  Hiring a social Security Disability attorney to take care of that responsibility can be a huge stress relief for someone who, many times, is already feeling overwhelmed.

Keep Your Case Moving

Secondly, a social security disability attorney can act as your case guardian. Applying and appealing a social security process can literally take years. During that time there is plenty of time for your case to get “lost” in the system and it will take an unexperienced person several months before even noticing that there is a problem. Your attorney can make sure your case is progressing through each step as quickly as possible. When there is a snag, your lawyer should be able to detect and resolve those problems.

Help You at a Hearing with the Judge

Thirdly, If your case goes to the hearing level, an attorney can help you at the hearing with the judge. Your lawyer will know your judge personally and will be able to understand which arguments are valuable and which the judge finds unhelpful (or even harmful). You always want to testify the truth but many times it is the facts you emphasize that make all the difference.

Maximize Benefits

Finally, an attorney will ensure that you maximize your benefits. Remember, the incentives between you and the attorney are aligned so that the more back pay you get, the more the attorney gets paid too. There a dozen of ways that an attorney can improve your chance of obtaining benefits while also maximizing the benefits.

Hiring a social security disability attorney will help you (1) get all the paper work done, (2) make sure your case is being processed, (3) improve your chances of winning, and (4) insures that you receive the maximum amount of back pay possible.

Increase Your Chances of Winning With a Lawyer

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