Liza was a 52 year old woman who suffered from some limitations that would not allow her work full time.  She had physical limitations that would not allow her to be on her feet for more than 10 minutes at a time and mental limitations that would not allow her to sit and work at a desk. To receive the help she needed to live from day to day, Liza decided to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.  As she began the process of applying, she ran into some major obstacles.  One of them being actually getting the paper work in order and filling it out correctly.  She found that the stack of paper work, detailed questions, long waits in line, and the pressure of getting it all correct and complete, was overwhelming.  She felt overwhelmed with just maintaining all her medical appointments. Another long to do list from the Social Security Administration was the last thing she needed for her medical condition.

Many people feel like Liza. If you find the paperwork overwhelming, here’s how an attorney that specializes in social security can help.

Receive Help With Required Paperwork

First, an attorney can help make sure you are filling out the right forms.  Do you need to apply for SSI or DIB or both?  There are different forms for each kind of claim.

Second, an attorney can help you understand the questions that are the most important on these forms. These are what I call “land mines” in each case that actually do make a big difference in whether or not a case will ultimately win. These special questions will change depending what type of claim you file or legal argument you plan on using.

Finally, throughout the application process, there will be a number of different forms to fill out and they all have different time limits.  In our office, we have a saying: “we want our forms filled out right and right on time”. An attorney can help you with meeting your deadlines.

Learn How An Attorney Can Help

For these reasons, it is a good idea to consult with an attorney that specializes in Social Security if you are considering applying for Social Security benefits.  Read more about how an attorney can help in your social security case.