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Accident & Injury Videos

The Law Firm You Need Handling Your Personal Injury Claim

How Long Does It Take To Conclude An Injury Case?

How Do You Know What My Case Is Worth?

What Is The Statue Of Limitations and How Can I Know How It Applies To My Case?

What Do I Need To Bring With Me When I Talk To My Lawyer About My Car Wreck Case?

What Do I Do About the Damage To My Car?

What Is An EMG And How Can It Diagnose My Injuries?

Intro To Non Subscriber Cases

Is Driving While Using A Cell Phone Really That Dangerous?

What Should I Tell The Police When I Am In An Accident?

What To Do When You Have A Car Accident?

What Is A Discogram And How Can It Impact My Case?

Intro To Work Related Injuries

What Rights Do Passengers Have When They Have Been In A Car Wreck?

Should I Give A Recorded Statement To The Insurance Adjuster?

Can I Be Fired For Filing A Workers Compensation Case?

Intro To Car Accident Cases

Intro To Third Party Cases

How Do I Know If My Employer Carries Workers’ Comp?

Intro To Wrongful Death Cases

Can You Help Me Get Medical Care?

As A Lawyer Do You Need To Be Involved In The Scientific And Technical Details Of An 18 Wheeler Case?

Why Are 18 Wheelers So Dangerous?

How Is A Big Truck Case Different Than A Regular Car Wreck Case?

What Experience Do You Have With An 18-Wheeler Cases?

Is It Really Important To Act Quickly In An 18-Wheeler Case?