One of the Most Important Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

In an 18-wheeler accident, it is very important that the family and the person who is injured immediately call a lawyer who has a team of expert. There is a lot of evidence that can get lost if they don’t act quickly. In fact, the federal regulations allow the trucking company to destroy evidence after a certain period of time. There is debris, skid marks, burn marks, and shards of glass on the road that can go away if you wait too long. And some of it goes away very quickly.

In addition, you have witnesses, the tow truck driver, the police officer, bystanders, and people in other vehicles. Those people need to be contacted, and their testimony needs to be preserved. I’ve seen cases where the witnesses got lost and you couldn’t find them anymore, or they forget what happened. Even worse, the insurance company for the other side gets to them and somehow gets them to sign a statement that doesn’t reflect what happened.  So, it’s important to have someone who is on that very early.

Additionally, the rig itself needs to be evaluated. There are all kinds of things to check on to make sure the brakes were properly set, the tires weren’t overly worn, and the vehicle should have been in service in the first place. You want to get that vehicle as close to the accident as possible so they can’t argue that something else has created the defect that you are relying on.

For all of those reasons, it is very imperative that you call immediately so that my team of experts can get out there. Because rest assured, the insurance company will have their team out there as soon as the accident happens. And if we don’t get out there soon too, we’ll be playing catch up. If you got one of these cases, give us a call or fill out the form on our website because we know what to do to help you.