Introduction to Work-Related Injuries

It's hard to find a lawyer who will help you when you've been hurt on the job. At the Packard Law Firm, we handle 4 kinds of work-related injury cases. 

  • The first is known as a "non-subscriber" case. That's a case whenever a person has been injured on the job, but their employer doesn't carry official workers' compensation insurance and the injured worker has to file a claim directly against his employer.

Another kind of case that we take is know as a "3rd Party" case. You're the first party, your employer is the second party, and if a third person—someone who doesn't work for your employer—is responsbile for your injuries, then we handle those kinds of cases.

  • The next kind of case that we handle are very serious and tragic. They are wrongful death cases: when a person has been killed working on the job. They are complex; there are unique legal issues with those cases, and if you have a loved one who was killed while working on the job, you definitely need a lawyer to evaluate the facts of that case
  • The final kind of case we take is a wrongful termination case, or "retaliatory discharge". It's illegal in Texas to fire an employee because they filed a workers' compensation claim, and we handle those kinds of cases as well.

So if any of these things have happened to you or a loved one, give us a call or contact us online. We'll be happy to visit with you and the initial consultation is free.