What is an EMG and how can it diagnose my injuries?

Every person's body is different. Some people can have a bulging disc in their back and experience little pain. While other pople can have what looks like the same bulg on the MRI and feel completely debilitated. Sometimes you will have a doctor look and say it is just a minor bulge, that's really an explaination for whats going on, and yet the patient feels like someone has hit their funny bone and that their arm is in pain and tingling, and they have so much weakness they have a hard time picking up a milk jug. What do you do when you are in that situation?

Lots of times a doctor will send you to get what is called an EMG. A lot of my clients don't know what an EMG test is. An EMG is a test where the docotor will inject needles into your body, and he does so to measure the velocity with which your nerves are conducting the signal. And it is fast, it is down to the thousanth of a second. The doctors know how quickly your nerves are supposed to be conducting, and if its delayed in the velocity of the nerve conduction, that means that something has happend to the nerve, that its been injured or damaged or its being inpinged ,and therefore it has compromised the nerves ability to conduct the signal. It will explain why you are in pain and why there is tingling or numbness or weakness in your arm, and will provide objective proof that the symptoms you are describing to the doctor are actually happening. It's a remarkably sophisticated and fascinating diagnostic tool because it allows the doctor to use nerve velocity to diagnose what is wrong in your back. There is no way to fake or exaggerate the results of an EMG, the numbers are what they are and eveyone who is involved in this process relies heavily on them.

If you have any questions about an EMG, or any aspect of your medical care, you should give us a call or contact us online. We have clients who undergo these procedures all the time and we can walk you through the process. We can help make arrangements for you to get the tests that you need and we can explain how the results of an EMG test can impact your case.