It's Illegal in Texas to Fire Somebody Because They Filed a Workers' Compensation Claim

At the work site there's a lot of pressure on foremen and supervisors to keep "lost time" injuries to a minimum. A person could be injured, but if they don't report it, then it's not considered a "lost time" injury and it doesn't count against the company.

So a lot of time what happens is, a person gets hurt on the job, and then they get put in a backroom, or a tent, or a shed and they just sit there in pain so the company doesn't have to report this as a "lost time" injury. The problem with that of course is the poor worker's not getting medical care. When they finally say "Enough's enough" and file a workers' compensation claim, they get fired. If you find yourself in that situation, you have rights. It is illegal in Texas to fire somebody because they filed a workers' compensation claim. 

If it's happened to you, give us a call. We have successfully handled a number of these kinds of cases, and we'll be glad to answer your questions.