“My name is Alex. I worked as an anesthesiologist and this was a career I’d worked very, very hard for many years. I loved my career very much; it was part of my identity and I was very proud of obtaining this. Unfortunately, while I was working, I developed some serious medical conditions; one of them was having severe back pain that needed to be medically treated. The other one was even more devastating - it was a seizure disorder. Obviously, an anesthesiologist cannot work if they’re having seizures and I lost my career. I was devastated by this; I mourned this loss.

During my journey, I had two cases: one was with the Social Security Department, the other one was with my private employer sponsored disability insurer. I applied, myself, on multiple occasions and was denied by both entities. This became a nightmare of denials, paperwork, setbacks… I felt like both systems had completely failed me. I had paid into the Social Security system, as well as the premiums for my private insurance, and they simply wanted to get rid of me. They wanted me to go away; I felt like I was being taken advantage of.

There was also terrible financial pressure on myself. I worried very much about my family; we had three young children still at home, as well as my husband. There was a lot of uncertainty about how we would provide for ourselves since I could no longer work. To add to this, I was dealing with serious physical problems… severe back pain, seizures. I was least capable of defending myself against this system; I had nothing left to fight. At this point, I was becoming hopeless about our future; I didn’t know what to do.

When I came to Packard, I was treated with extreme kindness, understanding, and I knew that they would be my strongest advocate. They worked very hard on two very complex cases; we were dealing with multiple medical problems that had been completely misunderstood, not only by my insurance companies, but also by some of my doctors. Dan Packard was the attorney I worked most with, but the entire firm was involved. He went through the fine print of everything and told me I was entitled to benefits I didn’t know about. We had a positive outcome - on both fronts - and I am extremely grateful to them for what they’ve done for my family and myself. I’ll never forget this.”

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