You pay your insurance premium every month, but when it comes time to pay out your claim, insurance companies do not always live up to their end of the deal. Many are known to deny claims arbitrarily, even for clearly covered issues.

When this happens, should ask yourself: Is my insurance company acting in bad faith?

Help From A Firm With Experience Dealing With Insurance Entities

At Packard Law Firm, our San Antonio attorneys have decades of experience in the legal field. We are well-aware of the tactics that insurance companies use to withhold benefits, and we do not stand for unjust treatment. Our legal team can help you bring a strong case and will fight on your behalf.

Our firm develops your case with a detail-oriented approach that focuses on:

  • Evidence collection, including medical records, police reports and other documentation
  • Policy analysis that fully examines your rights as an insured party
  • Tactical case development that optimizes your choice and outcomes
  • Evaluation of your financial needs, including medical complications and other issues that result from the denials

At the most basic level, insurance companies act in bad faith when they deny a claim for which the insured party is entitled to coverage. Often, these cases go through an internal appeal and are resolved relatively quickly. However, many insurance companies refuse to pay these claims even after rounds of appeal. In those moments, legal action may be your best option.

Work With An Advocate Who Is On Your Side

Insurance companies should care about you and your needs and provide the benefits you deserve under your policy. When they don’t, our legal team is here. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.