People who drive around Texas often see 18-wheelers on the roads with them. These large trucks are transporting valuable goods around the state and country. The truckers who operate them are trained to handle those big rigs, but this doesn’t mean that semi trucks aren’t ever involved in crashes.

Crashes involving big rigs happen daily in this state. While it’s possible that some might be minor, these are often catastrophic wrecks because passenger vehicles just aren’t a match for those massive rigs.

What are some common causes of semi truck crashes?

There are many things that might lead to an 18-wheeler crash. They are sometimes caused by trucker error, which includes factors like driving while intoxicated, fatigued, or distracted. Driving aggressively and speeding are also possible. Here is more about the 3 deadly errors truck drivers can make.

Sometimes, the trucker isn’t the only one who’s to blame for the crash. Improper securement of cargo and lax maintenance might be factors. Defective or failed components can also lead to a crash.

Trucking companies may also hold the blame for a crash. This is the case if the company doesn’t have appropriate safety guidelines, fails to check the driving history or training of the truckers, or has deadlines that encourage truckers to drive in an unsafe manner.

Other drivers might also share the fault in a crash. Vehicles cutting off a semi truck or driving unsafely around them can lead a trucker to make split-second decisions that could lead them to slam into another vehicle, especially if there’s a vehicle in their blind spot.

What should you do after a crash with a big rig?

Anyone who’s been involved in a crash with a semi truck should seek out medical care for their injuries. Seeking compensation for the financial damages associated with the crash is possible. You must do this quickly since there are time limits for doing so. Your attorney can help you to get this done.