The interstate is an interesting type of roadway, in that it is often the most concerning and frightening to new drivers and the most boring and repetitive to experienced drivers. Both mindsets can lead to accidents. New drivers may not know how to react quickly or drive well at high speeds; experienced drivers may get bored or distracted. Since the speed limits are so high, it’s important to stay safe.

But how can you do it? Here are a few key tips to keep in mind:

  • Only pass on the left, never on the right. Likewise, do not simply drive along in the left lane. Move back to the right after passing so that others can go by safely.
  • Never use your phone while you drive. Even when the drive gets boring and monotonous, leave your phone in your pocket.
  • Respect the speed limits. They are higher on the interstate, but you still don’t want to break them and take unnecessary chances.
  • Watch your following distances. You always want to be around three seconds — or more — behind the next car.
  • Be wary of semi-truck drivers and the blind spots those trucks have. The interstates are heavily trafficked by large trucks and you need to know how to share the road with them.
  • Become a defensive driver. Don’t just follow the laws yourself. Understand that others make mistakes and try to predict those mistakes to avoid an accident.

Now, these tips can certainly help and may reduce the odds that you get involved in an accident, but nothing guarantees it. Even when you drive safely, someone else’s mistake can cause a wreck. If you get injured, you may be able to seek compensation. After all, there’s no reason you should have to suffer from someone’s else errors.