Avoiding any kind of collision is the top safety priority on the road. Still, there’s no question that some kinds of crashes are far worse than others. Getting into a wreck involving a big commercial truck could mean major injuries for a driver and their passengers and might even mean that the smaller vehicle ends up totaled.

Safe driving practices require a commitment to constant situational awareness and good maintenance of your vehicle. Learning the biggest risk factor for a collision with commercial vehicles can help you avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation on the road.

Big trucks need a lot more space than other vehicles

The size of the trailer attached to a commercial truck is so large that truckers can’t see along the sides of the trailer even with those extra mirrors attached to the cab. The big blind spots around trucks can directly contribute to a crash.

Driving directly to either side of a truck might mean that the commercial driver doesn’t notice you before they turn or merge, putting you at risk of a crash. Driving right behind them can have the same effect. Even merging in front of a commercial truck is very dangerous, especially if you don’t maintain a higher rate of speed than the truck behind you.

Giving big trucks extra space is important not just to avoid getting hit when a trucker makes a maneuver but also to avoid getting swept up in an incident like a rollover or jackknife crash. Giving trucks extra space can help you avoid many crashes and can also give you a stronger claim to compensation if you do wind up hurt in a collision caused by a big truck.