If you’re a man who rides his bike consistently, you do need to know that you face significant injury risks. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ride, naturally. After all, there are massive health and environmental benefits, and you likely just enjoy riding and want to continue. But you need to know the risks so that you can be prepared and protect yourself.

Specifically, men are at much higher risk than women. The CDC notes that men see four times the injury rate on their bikes than what women experience. When looking at fatal accidents, men are killed six times as often as women.

Why does this happen? It could be that men ride more often, simply giving them more exposure. The more time that you spend on the road, the greater the odds that someone else makes a mistake. It has nothing to do with your own ability. When drivers in cars and trucks make errors like turning through a bike lane or not yielding to a cyclist at a stop sign, you can be the best rider in the world and still get injured or killed.

One of the best things that all cyclists can do, regardless of gender, is to focus on defensive riding. Once you know that the risks are so high, you can watch for drivers who are likely to make mistakes. You can also think about high-risk areas, like intersections, and be extra wary when you approach them. Finally, you can use lights, reflectors and bright clothing to make yourself more visible.

All of that can help, but the stats make it clear that accidents happen. Know your rights if you get injured. Compensation can help you provide for your needs and the needs of your family after a wreck.