As much as we would like to think otherwise, life has a way of happening. And when that unfortunate event occurs, you want to be insured. Personal injury protection insurance or PIP coverage is essentially car insurance that covers medical bills and other expenses when you’re injured in a car accident. Other forms of car insurance often require you to prove who is at fault. This can result in a lengthy process before any financial assistance can be administered.

PIP, on the other hand, is an insurance coverage that applies regardless of who caused of the automobile accident. Sometimes this is referred to as no-fault insurance. This insurance can help in providing financial support to acquire the necessary medical treatment you need to care for your injuries that resulted from your automobile accident. This coverage can include things like ambulance fees, dental care, chiropractic care, lost wages, and even child care.

One important thing to note is that PIP coverage includes you and any member of your family that was involved in the car accident. Hopefully, you will never need any insurance. But, for many people, life has a way of happening. According to one recent study, in 2015, 518,577 car accidents were reported in the state of Texas. In most instances, the premiums for this kind of insurance is minimal but the peace of mind can be invaluable.

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