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Packard Wins Disability Hearing For Injured Woman

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients’ cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client’s case.

Belinda Brooks is a kind, caring and giving person that is well known to all of us at The Packard Law Firm. Belinda Brooks, a wife of 33 years, mother of three children, employee of 35 years, was no stranger to hard work and adversity.  For example, once, when she had no transportation and times were especially rough, she walked to and from both of her jobs in order to help support her family. Throughout her life, Belinda gave all she had to take care of her family.

Belinda’s Injury and Inability To Work

One day, Belinda suffered a grave injury to her lower back when she fell to the floor. She could not move and, in that moment, she knew that she needed professional help. She was treated by her doctor and diagnosed with neurological damage to her lower back. It was also revealed that she suffered with complications to her heart and diabetes. With these physical conditions, Belinda was no longer able to work full time.  She reached out for help with the social security administration but was met with paperwork, setbacks, and denials.

Packard Law Firm Joins The Picture

After her fourth denial, Belinda was sitting on her couch, feeling overwhelmed and helpless, when she saw a commercial of Samuel Packard and The Packard Law Firm. In the commercial, Samuel explained how his mother had difficulty obtaining disability and that he could help those with similar challenges. Belinda instantly felt a connection and soon signed up with The Packard Law Firm.  She met Samuel in person where he made her a promise; that if she would continue to obtain medical treatment for her medical needs, he would take care of her case. Her hope was immediately restored and, in her own words, she said “I felt like I had found an old friend.”

Belinda continued receiving medical treatment for her medical conditions while the Packard Law Firm continued to fight for her case for the next two years! Belinda’s faith was put to the test when she discovered that her case was scheduled to be reviewed for a final decision by one of the most difficult judges in all of San Antonio. Belinda went to see “Cristo De Negro” by the downtown courthouse. She stood before him and made a promise that, if she won her case, she would give up something personal – something she loved. She would give up her hair as a humble token of her willingness to trust in Him.

The Hearing

She went to her hearing, and Samuel Packard stood up and told the judge that Belinda could not work on a regular and ongoing basis. He explained that “Belinda is the very kind of person that the system was designed to help.” The case was concluded and Samuel told Belinda the words she had been waiting to hear for so long: “Belinda, Congratulations, you won your case!” Belinda thanked the Packard Law Firm for never giving up on her case. She felt like the truth finally came through and she was grateful that she would now receive the medical and income benefits that she so desperately needed. Belinda knew that, just as Samuel Packard kept his promise, she would keep hers.  As she shaved her head that night, and felt the locks of hair fall onto her shoulders, she felt the burden that she had been carrying for so long lifted. In its place, for the first time in a very long time, that burden was replaced with gratitude and trust in Him.

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