Social Security Disability has two federal government programs designed to help people who aren’t able to work full-time due to a medical condition: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

If you are thinking about filing for Social Security Disability for either of the above two programs, here are a few pointers that can help as you work through the process involved with applying for benefits.

How Can I File An Application?

You can file for Social Security Disability in several ways.

For SSDI, you can fill out a disability application online. For SSI, you will need to file an application by calling the government’s toll-free telephone number if hearing assistance is needed. You can also visit a local Social Security office in person.

What Forms Will I Need To File For Social Security Benefits?

Regardless of whether you fill out an application in person, online, over the phone or with an attorney, there are four main forms that you must complete.

1. The initial application form

The initial disability application form is the first step in the process. The initial disability application for SSI is SSA-8001-BK. The form you need to apply for SSDI is SSA-16-BK. Both forms will request specific information about you and your family.

2. The disability report

The next form you will need for both SSI and SSDI is a disability report (SSA-3368-BK). This form focuses on your date of disability and your medical history. Dates of doctor and clinic visits, hospital and ER stays, and names of all prescribed meditation are among the information requested.

3. The function report

Another form needed is the Adult Disability Report (SSA-3373-BK), also known as the “Function Report.” This form will request information relating to your normal daily living activities and how your disability affects your everyday lifestyle.

4. The authorization to disclose

Lastly, you will need to complete the Authorization to Disclose Information (SSA-827-BK) form, which gives permission for the government to gather your medical records. The form will also request information related to your employment history (SSA-3369-BK) over the last 15 years.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me Apply?

Many people who apply for Social Security Disability benefits on their own quickly realize that the forms are confusing and the process is daunting and time-consuming.

If you need help applying for disability benefits, our attorneys at Packard Law Firm in San Antonio can help with all suspects of the process.

What We Can Do For You

Our team has helped many individuals:

  • Determine if their situation meets the government’s criteria for a disability
  • File the initial application and all corresponding forms
  • Examine medical records to determine useful information to prove their case
  • Determine how to maximize monthly income benefits and possible back pay
  • Search for ways to expedite their case

We have also assisted those whose disability applications have been denied.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Case So You Can Focus On Your Health

Minor mistakes often cost individuals time and thousands of dollars in benefits. At Packard Law Firm our attorneys can help you navigate through the system to maximize your chance of getting the benefits you deserve.

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