Since many schools now have an extended spring break due to the Coronavirus, some parents are asking whether such extension alters child visitation/possession rights contained in their divorce decree. Bexar County courts have answered that question in a recent general Order stating that beginning and ending possession times “will follow the child’s school district’s originally published school calendar, and will be enforced in that manner.”   Essentially, the Court stated that regardless of whether the new school hours are classified as an “extended vacation,” “extended Spring Break” or as a “closure,” for purposes of child possession, it is considered to be a closure for public health.  Thus, the original school calendar will govern. Here is a copy of the order from the Texas Supreme Court.

As a related matter, your original custody, visitation, access, or possession order from the court is still in force. This is true even when there is a “shelter-in-place” order or if you have concerns regarding sending your child for visitation because of COVID-19. A copy of the Court’s Order can be found here.