Complex Litigation”, these words alone are enough to strike fear into the hearts of most attorneys. While most lawyers try to avoid this kind of law, Dan and the Packard Law Firm are drawn to it and it’s intellectual challenges. Complex cases often require significant time, energy, and money. They demand that the attorney have complete command over the rules of civil procedure in order to navigate through the thicket of discovery issues. These cases often require the attorney to become a quasi-expert in order to effectively use expert evidence to combat the “junk science” often presented by defense counsel. Complex litigation cases might include class action lawsuits, multi-district litigation, lengthy trials, numerous expert witnesses, or complicated testimony or facts.

The Packard Law Firm not only handles complex litigation cases, we thrive at it; especially where the issues are complicated and the stakes are high where millions of dollars are involved. At the Packard law Firm, we understand that complex litigation requires an attorney to have an expert touch. We understand that the attorney must have the passion to handle the massive amount of time and attention that these cases require. We understand that these cases require someone to navigate through the mountains of data in order to identify and promote the key issues that will bring success to the case.

Some examples of these type of cases that the Packard Law Firm has handled in the past include medical malpractice, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud and murder, commercial breach of contract, product liability, and 18 wheeler accidents. We have assembled a team that is designed to handle these cases and we are good at it.

Although we are not afraid to take a case to trial, we understand the importance of giving honest, frank advice anytime an out-of-court settlement offer is made. Our goal is to help our clients evaluate the risks and rewards at every step along the way so that our clients can make informed decisions. The end goal is to can strategically and effectively do what is necessary to meet our clients’ needs.>

If you or your company is facing a lawsuit that is complex, call us to determine your specific needs. The initial consultation is free and there is no attorney fee unless you win.