After another driver runs a red light or smashes into your car, you will probably try to stay calm while responding to the situation. You may repeatedly tell yourself that you don’t have to worry about anything because insurance will take care of you.

After all, Texas subscribes to the at-fault insurance doctrine, which means that the policy protecting the person who caused the crash will pay your costs to repair your vehicle or secure medical treatment. Unfortunately, there are always people who will break the rules without caring about putting others at risk.

Some people cancel their insurance policies or fail to pay their premiums, meaning they drive on public roads without insurance coverage. How likely are you to get into a crash with one of these drivers?

Texas has relatively high insurance coverage rates

It is impossible to know exactly who doesn’t have insurance on their vehicle, but you can determine your statistical likelihood of getting into a crash with someone without coverage. Texas actually has a relatively low rate of uninsured drivers. The Lone Star State ranks 40th out of 50, with just 8.3% of drivers failing to carry insurance on their automobiles.

In other words, just under a tenth of the cars on the roads in Texas won’t have insurance. While that means you are more likely than not to get into a crash with someone who has insurance, the risk is still there for an uninsured driver to leave you with massive property damage or injuries.

Your involvement in a crash with someone that doesn’t have insurance coverage may leave you needing to file a claim against your policy if you have the right coverage or even a civil lawsuit. Learning more about your rights after a motor vehicle collision can help you seek justice from the driver who hurt you.