When someone chooses to transport people in their vehicle, they should do so safely. Not asking people to wear seat belts or to sit in seats where they are appropriately secured can lead to serious injuries or deaths if a collision does occur.

Take for example this horrible situation in which eight migrants were killed when a 24-year-old man crashed his vehicle on U.S. 277. The man was allegedly driving his pickup truck near Del Rio when a state trooper attempted to complete a traffic stop.

The 24-year-old driver failed to stop, instead speeding up to speeds over 100 mph. During the chase on U.S. 277, he eventually went into another lane and collided with another vehicle.

Unsafe driving leads to dangerous situations and deadly consequences

In this report, many people were killed as a result of a driver’s dangerous behaviors, and others were also involved in a crash. The man faces charges including transporting migrants illegally and the conspiracy to transport migrants illegally while causing serious injuries. The sentence for these charges could be life in prison.

What can people do if they are involved in a crash with a dangerous driver?

If you are hit by someone driving dangerously, then you have the option of pursuing a claim against them. If you or someone you love is killed in a traffic collision, then you may want to look into making a wrongful death claim. Families of victims of auto accidents have the ability to pursue compensation against drivers who were acting recklessly and who put the lives of those around them at risk.