You can hurt your head in several different ways during a violent car crash. You could strike it on the steering wheel or window. You might experience swelling because of the violent motion of the vehicle during the crash. Some people even end up with pieces of glass or other shrapnel embedded in their skulls.

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most devastating injuries a person can suffer in a car crash. Some people have injuries so severe that they lose their independence entirely. Other people may be able to continue living as they did before but with certain notable changes. Those who fall into the moderate category for TBI severity may find that the lasting symptoms of their injury could impact their ability to keep working the same job.

Although there is nearly an infinite number of ways for brain injury symptoms to present in different people, three of the more noticeable and significant common TBI symptoms below could be devastating for your professional future.

  1. You experience a change in personality

The job that you perform and how good you are at it often reflect innate factors in your personality. Those who are charismatic might make good managers, while those who are more introverted and detail-oriented could thrive in financial or engineering positions. Some people have major changes to their personality, mood or behavior after a TBI. Shifts in your personality or daily mood could drastically affect how well you do your job.

  1. You have cognitive symptoms of the brain injury

Obviously, an injury to your brain could have an impact on the way that you think, process or store information. Some people experience changes in their memory that might make it hard for them to safely perform their jobs. Some may have a harder time focusing. Others could struggle with complex equations or higher cognitive function, all of which might limit the work you can do after a TBI.

  1. You may have motor symptoms that limit your physical work capability

You don’t need to work a blue-collar job to have motor issues affect your job performance. If your hands become shaky, you may no longer be able to type accurately. Motor issues related to brain injuries can range from loss of strength to balance issues.

TBIs caused by car crashes can reduce how much someone earns or even force them into early retirement. The long-term financial impact of the injury should influence how these individuals handle their insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit after the crash.