What Information Do I Need to Bring on My First Visit?

When you first come into the Packard Law firm to talk about your disability case, our goal is to gather all the information we need in one visit, so that you don’t have to come back a second time to provide more information.  There are five pieces of information we will need when you first come into the Packard Law Firm:

  • You will need to provide your medical history from about a year before you became disabled until now.  You should make a list of all of the clinics, hospitals, and doctors where you have received medical treatment.  And, for each entry on that list you should include their address, phone number and fax number.
  • You will need to list your work history for the past 15 years.  Only list jobs that you have had for more than three months, include the name of the business, how long you worked there, and a one sentence description of what you did.
  • We will need your contact information.  We need your address, phone number, and email address.  But, we also need secondary contact information in case we need to reach you and your phone is turned off.
  • We need basic financial information from you regarding your income and assets such as if you own a home, cars, and if your spouse has an income.
  • You will need to bring a list of all of your medications.  You will need to provide the name of each medication, the dosage, and approximately how long you have been taking that medication.

All of this information will be helpful for your disability case.  We look forward to meeting with you.  If you can’t get some of this information we will try to help you locate it.  If you have any questions fill out a questionnaire or give us a call.  We would love to help.

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