Staff Introduction - Emanuel Trejo

My name is Emanuel Trejo, and I come from a family that values togetherness.  I grew up as one of six children, and I can remember having to struggle growing up.  But, for whatever we lacked in resources we were always able to find strength in one another.  My father was an aircraft mechanic. It was always very difficult when he would get laid off.   No matter the financial difficulties we faced as a family it was good to know we were all in it together. 

I am the financial specialist at The Packard Law Firm.  I do a little bit of everything – especially if there is a dollar sign on it.  I make sure that all the bills are paid and that our book keeping and financial records are accurate.  Every day I work to make sure the partners have what they need to make decisions for the firm as we continue to grow. 

What I love about my job is that we are serving a purpose larger than ourselves:  Helping people make it through difficult times in their lives while giving them the respect and compassion that they deserve.  And, of course, I just love the people that I work with.  We really care about one another, and we treat each other like family.  I have never worked before in a place where the culture is so firmly rooted in its values, and it truly does make it so easy for me to come in every morning and do the best job that I can.