How the Packard Law Firm Can Help You Get the Right Amount of Social Security Disability Benefits

Here at the Packard Law Firm, we have a team of attorneys and staff that are dedicated to helping people with disabilities to obtain Social Security Disability benefits. The Social Security system was set up a long time ago as a part of the “New Deal” that was designed to provide some security for U.S. citizens if they became medically unable to work or if they retried. At first it was straightforward; you go into the office, show you meet the qualifications, and you get your benefits. The problem is, it’s not that way anymore. It’s become so big, and it’s full of deadlines and red tape and bureaucracy.

The vast majority of the people who apply are denied the first few times. It’s not just about winning, either. Some people win their case, but they’re not getting the right amount of money. That’s where we can come in and help. We’ve helped a lot of people with their disability case, and we know what we’re doing.

Here at the Packard Law Firm, we can not only help you get all your work done and present your case in a way that’s persuasive, in a way that’s honest, but we also can make sure you’re getting the correct amount of benefits. If you have a situation in which you really can’t work, you have some medical problems that are keeping you from being able to work, give us a call. We know how to help. 210.340.8877.