Getting to Know Personal Injury Attorney Michael Packard of the Packard Law Firm

Michael Packard: When I was a kid I learned that sometimes life just punches you in the face so hard that you don’t even know if you can get up. Sometimes, life comes at you with a big financial crisis. Sometimes, it comes at you with a big injury — physical pain. Sometimes it’s emotional — just all over. When I see that in other people, I see that suffering. And something deep inside me wants to help. I want to help out in the best way I can, and I’ve found the law, in particular, is a very good tool to help those people who are suffering. The law can help people pay for medical bills. It can help recover lost wages. It can put families back together. It can do its very best to make people whole again. When I see that and I’m a part of that, it is so rewarding for me. It drives me to keep doing this and drives me to keep helping people, and that’s why I do what I do.

Dustin Draper: I think what’s unique about Michael is that he is both a warrior and a healer. He fights for people, but he does it with a goal of bringing healing and wholeness to their life. Whenever I have a problem that I cannot figure out, I go to Michael.