I tried to get a loan modification but got the "run around" for months. Is there anything I can do save my home?

There is something really strange going on with a lot of lenders. They are offering loan modifications and they have the borrowers fill out these huge stacks of applications and submit enormous quantities of documents. After you submit it all to the special fax number, it gets lost. They say they didn't receive it. So you have to fax it again, and even a third time. Then they tell you that it's too late now and that you have to start the process all over again with a new representaitve. You work with that new representative and the same thing happens again. In many instances the mortgage company will even tell you not to make your mortgage payments.Or that you are on a trial period and your mortgage payment is significantly lower than it used to be and make this exact amount. While you are going through the application process, that lower amount or that non-payment creates this mortgage arrears which later is used as a basis to foreclose your home. And you realize this is dirty. This isn't right. This is not by accident. By that time your mortgage is 3 or 4 months behind and there is no way you can get caught up and you get a notice of foreclosure in the mail. Now if that pattern is familiar to you, you can stop that foreclosure with a Chapter 13. You dont have to lose your equity in your home. You dont have to uproot your family, or take your kids to a different school. You can stay in that home, protect your equity, and get a fresh start with a Chapter 13.