The Packard Law Firm: Our Family Fighting for You and Your Family

Welcome to the Packard Law Firm. We are a team of brothers that followed the family tradition of practicing law together. My father Bernie Packard started practicing law almost 50 years ago, and he had five sons who all became lawyers. We live in San Antonio. Our kids go to school here, and we love helping people here.

We have three major areas of specialty:

  1. Samuel Packard is a board certified Social Security disability expert, and he and Dustin and their team of lawyers and staff have literally helped thousands of people get the Social Security disability benefits they need.
  2. David Packard is a board certified specialist in bankruptcy law. He has been helping people who are experiencing a financial crisis for more 20 years.
  3. My name is Dan Packard, and I’m a board certified specialist in personal injury trial law. My brother Michael and I help people who have been hurt in car wrecks, 18-wheeler accidents, auto-pedestrian accidents, or work-related injuries.

If you have been hurt, or if you cannot work, or if you are experiencing a financial crisis, you should check out our website. We have written materials and instructional videos that should be helpful to you. Or you can just give us a call; we would love to talk with you. If we can help you, we would be happy to do so.