An Introduction To Our Social Security Disability Department

Here at the Packard Law Firm, we have a team of attorneys and staff that are dedicated to helping people with disabilities obtain their Social Security disability benefits.

Initially when this system was setup by the government, it was designed to help people who were going through a medical crisis and they couldn’t keep a job. So they provided a monthly income check, and an insurance card. And at first it was straightforward. You would go into the Social Security office, you would apply and show you meet the qualifications and you would get your benefits. Well it’s not that way anymore. Now, when I get a client that comes into my office, they sit down and they look overwhelmed. They look lost in a system full of red tape, bureaucracy, and denials. And we’re talking about a lot of denials. The vas majority of people who apply for disability benefits get denied. They get denied early and often.

That’s where we can come in and help. We have helped thousands of people obtain Social Security disability benefits. We know what we’re doing. If you have a situation where you feel like you are medically unable to keep a job, you need to give us a call or fill out this form online.