Getting to Know Personal Injury Lawyer Daniel Packard of the Packard Law Firm

Daniel Packard: I grew up in a working class neighborhood, and I used to go down to the courthouse sometimes. I watched my father try cases to juries. I was just enthralled with what I saw. One of the reasons I was so captivated is because I realized even as a kid that the courthouse is the great equalizer in society. The courthouse can be a tool for compassion. At the courthouse, an individual who has no power, no money, and no political influence can confront a multibillion dollar corporation and force them to do justice. And I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to prepare myself so that one day I could use the power of the courthouse to protect individuals and families who had no place to go and no one to speak for them. Now I get to do that every day, and I love what I do.

David Packard: Dan Packard truly has a gift. When Dan is in front of a jury or a judge he takes advocacy to a whole new level. For example, if there are numerous medical records, technical reports, x-rays, and witnesses statements, Dan has a way of consolidating those issues and presenting them in front of a jury to make it a singular compelling story that the jury can believe. If I had a serious injury, I would want Dan Packard to be my lawyer.