Satisfied Client Testimonial

"We cannot begin to fully express our gratitude to the Packard Law Firm. Our journey of filing for my husband's disability benefits began 3 years ago. Our first attempt at filing on our own was not successful and we decided to go to a professional for help. We somehow came across the Packard Law Firm.

They welcomed us with an opportunity to hear our case, our concerns, our fears and our hearts. 

From the very start the staff that worked with us was professional, kind and patient. Every question we had was answered in a timely fashion. Every step of the process was thoroughly explained.

The Packard Law Firm believed in our case.

We went through the process all the way to meeting with a judge. Unfortunately, our case was denied. We were crushed, and our case manager was just as crushed. We all felt we had a solid case, but the judge had a different opinion.

The empathy and compassion experienced by the Packard Law Firm staff was amazing and heartfelt, and we were encouraged to file again.

When the time came to re-file, we decided to go back to the Packard Law Firm. They once again welcomed us with the same kindness and compassion as before. Once again the entire staff advised us to take the necessary steps and this time our case was approved! We believe we could not have done this without their assistance. We are ever so grateful to have been represented by this fine group of attorneys, case managers and paralegals.

Packard Law Firm not only offers legal services, but also compassion and kindness which is so needed during a time of such uncertainty. 

Thank you to all who were  instrumental in helping my husband's disability case get approved.

Satisfied Client