"Knowledgeable, Thoughtful, Caring"

"I heard about the Packard Law Firm while I was watching television and I thought, let me give them a call, and I did. When an appointment was scheduled, the agent informed me about S.S.I. since I had only applied for S.S.D.I. and I thought that was important, more benefit for me. Then I started getting new workers, and it appeared to make me feel very stressed since I wanted to deal with the same person. Then I received a call from Mr. Will - don’t remember the date. I informed him I have had numerous workers, but he informed me he will be with me until the case is finished. I said OK thinking yeah right. But low and behold I had Mr. Will until the case was finished. Mr. Will was the best worker I had. I enjoyed talking with him all the times, and he was very knowledgeable about his work. Again my hat off to this very knowledgeable, thoughtful, caring individual that I highly recommend to others."H.M. Williams