Disabled Nurse Receives Well Deserved Social Security Disability Benefits

"I started practicing my craft as a registered nurse in 1971. Working holidays, double shifts, and a few 24hr shifts taking care of other people was my job. My spouse was active duty military so we were on the move and many times I found myself taking the less desired shifts since I was the new person. I found a personal sense of satisfaction in what I did and felt my work was appreciated by my patients, their families, and my family.  I planned to work until I reached 65, but around 2006 I injured my leg in a fall, that left me with a slow recovery and exaggerated pains. I started working part-time and took a less demanding position, but eventually, the 30-minute drive to work would be enough for my back to spasm, and I had to take time off.

I had seen a pain specialist and started receiving facet injections in my back. I tried applying for disability on my own but was denied because I had been making too much. I tried again after my salary was below the acceptable level, and was denied again. I was walking around my home crying because the social security system didn't believe I couldn't work. I didn't know what I was going to do. A commercial came on tv about the Packard Law Firm helping people get their disability. I went online and read about the two brothers who had witnessed their own mom going through the struggles of getting her disability. I gave them a call and set up an appointment. I turned my problems over to them. By the time our case came up, I had developed a large clot in my leg and parts had broken off and went to my lungs. I was hospitalized and had more testing done, which they found to be a bilateral venous insufficiency that hindered me working on my feet.

We went before a Judge, MD, and Occupational board. The Judge was probably having a bad day, the MD was a retired urologist that certainly did not assess my medical records properly, and the case was denied. I was ready to give up because I was tired of being insulted. I felt betrayed by the medical community that I had worked so hard and long for. The Packards wouldn't let me give up. They devised a plan to apply again and hope for a new judge and a new Medical Doctor. The new MD reviewed my records and said it was obvious to her that my health had deteriorated and that I had been misdiagnosed. She cited that the Social Security MD that did my independent evaluation even found me disabled. She had no problem approving my case. I can't explain how that vindication made me feel. It was totally worth all the months of record keeping and preparation with the help of the Packard brothers and team. By putting my faith and trust in Sam, Michael, Amanda, Rachel, and the rest of the firm, I was able to persevere and get my disability approved."

A. Miller