Our Consumer Bankruptcy Clients in Texas Share Their Stories

We could go on all day about how awesome the Packard Law Firm Family is, but that may not do you any good. We completely understand that you need to be able to trust your lawyer and not feel like his opinions are biased. Which is why we encourage our clients to publicly share their personal experiences and critiques. Come see for yourself how we stack up to real client expectations.

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  • "Creo que su trabajo es excelente."

    "La experiencia con ustedes fue excelente el trato que me dieron fue para mi especial con paciencia amabilidad y su trabajo rapido y excelente gracias por su atencion. Creo que su trabajo es ezcelente."  ("My experience with you was excellent. The treatment I received was, to me, special, with kindness and patience and excellence.  Your work was fast, thanks to your attention. I believe your work is excellent.")  

  • Mr. Packard was so kind, considerate and compassionate, above and beyond anything I've ever experienced...

    I have been, and continue to be, extremely pleased with the experience I've had during a very difficult time in our lives. From the moment we scheduled our initial consultation the support staff and attorneys at Packard Law Firm have made me feel comfortable and put my mind at ease. Without going into too much detail, we were kind of experiencing an "Emergency Situation" and I feel like Mr. Packard and his assistants Amanda and Amy went above and beyond to get what needed to be done quickly and to protect our interests. In speaking with Mr. Packard, he was so kind, considerate and compassionate, above and beyond anything I've ever experienced with an attorney before (and I'm a paralegal). I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone and everyone, and have actually have referred someone over to him already.