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We could go on all day about how awesome the Packard Law Firm Family is, but that may not do you any good. We completely understand that you need to be able to trust your lawyer and not feel like his opinions are biased. Which is why we encourage our clients to publicly share their personal experiences and critiques. Come see for yourself how we stack up to real client expectations.

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  • "...Helpful Throughout the Process..."

    Hello my name is A.Ortiz. I was represented by Samuel Packard and was approved for benefits within a year. I highly recommend Packard Law Firm they were very helpful throughout the process. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. A.Ortiz

  • "...Very Professional..."

    I R.Garcia want to thank The Packard Law Firm for helping me with my case. Amanda was and is very professional in working with me and answering questions I would not have been able to. Good thing I was watching TV when I saw the Commersial for Mr. Packard when they were running it on TV. Again I want to thank the Packard Law Firm for being there for me and my case. Yours Truly R.Garcia

  • "They were truly Godsend!"

    I applied for Social Security back in 2014 on my own and was denied. I had been out of work for six months and was becoming very frustrated. I came to Samuel Packard and Michael Gross was assigned to my case. He was great. He was very knowledgeable and with it. He kept me informed throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend him. They were truly Godsend! S. Cleveland

  • "...Very Professional..."

    Packard Law Firm was a lifesaver. They are very professional and always available to me when needed. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a law firm! G. Rodriguez

  • "...Awesome Job..."

    To The Packard Law Firm, This is D. Oviedo I am well appreciated to law firm of Packard. They did a awesome job on my case they were fast and well handed. D. Oviedo

  • "...Went Smoothly..."

    The Packard Law Firm has taken care of everyting, and am grateful for their hard work. My son’s case went smoothly without any problems. Our lawyer was very professional on explaining everything well very friendly staff. I highly recommend to family and friends. Thanks to The Packard Law Firm we were able to win the case and get my son the help he needed. S. Camero (Mother of J. Camero)

  • "Everything went smoothly..."

    I really appreciate how quickly Packard Law Firm handled my case. They made sure I knew where my case was anytime there was any sort of update. Everything went smoothly due to my case manager and Samuel Packard K. Blasingim

  • "...Great Gratitude..."

    To whom it may concern: To the Packard Law Firm, I totally have great gratitude for the Packard Law Firm that provided their assistance for my case. Sincerely thank you. T. Elizondo

  • "...Won the case."

    At first, I thought it was going to take a long time & I got discouraged about how long it was taking. At some point, I had heard good reports about this firm & that gave me some confidence that things would work out for the best. One day I came home & my sister told me that I had a call from the lawyer that we had won the case. I am for The Packard Law Firm & it didn’t take any longer than I expected. Amanda (my case manager) was a blessing. She is a very good listener & worker. She gave me time to explain myself, encouraged me not to lose hope, and that things would work out in the end. G. Gonzales

  • "...Really good job..."

    The Packard Law Firm did a really good job on my case and I’m happy for them representing me. J.Aguilar