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We could go on all day about how awesome the Packard Law Firm Family is, but that may not do you any good. We completely understand that you need to be able to trust your lawyer and not feel like his opinions are biased. Which is why we encourage our clients to publicly share their personal experiences and critiques. Come see for yourself how we stack up to real client expectations.

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  • "...professionals..."

    “My case with Packard Law Firm, was handled by professionals, that I would gladly do business with again. Thanks Packard! I’ll send you referals!” G.Gonzales

  • "Thanks"

    “Thanks to the Packard Law Firm I am really please with my results. I would recommend all social security clients to see them first.” M.Sifuentes

  • "...thank Mr. Packard..."

    “I would like to thank Mr. Packard and his Law Firm, when I was @ my worst after being denied by Social Security I called Packard Law Firm and he walked w/ me through out my process. I would recommend Mr Packard to anyone; He and his team made me feel very comfortable and lifted my moral. I’m very grateful to have had his law firm as my representatives. Mr Packard and his team, including staff such as receptions.” J.Alaquinez

  • "...pleased..."

    “I was pleased with the outcome of my case, the Packard Law Firm worked adamantly on my case and kept me informed on all issues due to this case. I do recommend the Packard Law Firm and will continue to use them as needed.” L.Mares

  • "...attention..."

    “I would definitely recommend the Packard Law Firm to anyone. The attention that was given to me about my case from them was just outstanding. If I had it to do all over again, they would be my # 1 choice.” S.DeJurnett

  • "...honest..."

    “Kirisits had hired the Packard Law Firm to do my Disability Claim & the two-paralegal people Stacy & Will did a great job in handling my case. They were very honest, and polite and understanding & helpful in every way. Therefore, I would recommend them & The Packard Law Firm to anyone, I am very happy with the Packard Law Firm they did a great job on everything for me.” P.Kirisits

  • "...considerate..."

    “Will has handled my case with concern and true professionalism – keeping me informed and updated throughout the whole process. He has provided me with resources that I was not aware were available. He has been most considerate and accommodating with every step of my way. I am very happy with the Packard Law Firm.” R.Sluder

  • "They exceeded all my expectations"

    “I greatly appreciate the Packard Law Firm. They exceeded all my expectations. I would and will recommend the Packard Law Firm. I would like to thank all the staff here but, especially Amanda. Thanks to the Packard Law Firm I won my case. I’m extremely happy and satisfied with the outcome. Thanks Packard Law Firm.” A.Soliz

  • "...didn’t have to do much of anything..."

    I thought the Packard Law Firm did an excellent job on our disability case. They always stayed in touch with us whenever we got a letter from SSI, they took care of all the legal things for us. Documents, doctor, everything was taken care of. We didn’t have to do much of anything and we won S. Bowen

  • "...very polite & informative..."

    I am grateful to the Packard Law Firm for handling my Social Security claim. I had tried several times myself & had even tried another lawyer but was informed that they no longer take Social Security cases. Since the beginning Packard was very polite & informative. Social Security thought since my cholesterol was good I’m perfectly healthy to go to work. Packard had to explain my illnesses Bipolar Disorder, Tardive dyscanesia, Carplyle Tunnel, & a foot problem & a cracked knee cap would qualify me for Social Security Disability. Thank the Lord & Packard for a generous fund for Social Security R. Ozuna