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We could go on all day about how awesome the Packard Law Firm Family is, but that may not do you any good. We completely understand that you need to be able to trust your lawyer and not feel like his opinions are biased. Which is why we encourage our clients to publicly share their personal experiences and critiques. Come see for yourself how we stack up to real client expectations.

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  • "They get 5 stars from me..."

    "Packard Law Firm helped me finally get the disability benefits I've needed since 2008 when I had a bad car accident from my seizures. I had been to other law offices that did nothing compared to the Packard Law Firm. They sat down with me to explain what they would be doing and who to contact when I had questions. I am thankful to have come across this law firm because I could still be struggling to get what I needed to help cover my medications and medical expenses. They get 5 stars from me."

    -A. Caldwell
  • End of Year 2016 Testimonials

    The Packard Law Firm was very kind & courteous and cared they were very quick at getting the settlement I will have no problems referring the Packard Law Firm to anybody C.Erben The Packard Law Firm was very helpful. They made the process of applying for SS easy. Anytime we had questions they were very quick with their response D.Ziter I was refered to the Packard Law Firm by S. Anderson. I have epilepsy, depression, and degenerative disk disease. I have worked my entire life since 1986. I had an accident in 2013 that changed my life forever. Will was my aces manager at the Packard Law Firm. In August, I became depressed that I wanted to take my life. I called him, was crying, and wanted to take my life. Will spoke with me over the phone and comforted me through these difficult times. He saved my life. He put me in touch with the Suicide Hotline and they, in turn, put me in touch with the Center for Healthcare Services and they got me the care that they needed. If it weren’t for Will, I don’t know that I would be here today. In November, I got a letter stating that I was denied. Soon thereafter, I received a phone call that I was approved. Thank God for the Packard Law Firm. M.Finley I would recommend the Packard Law Firm. They did an excellent job on my disability case, with quick and satisfactory results. D.Lubianski My case was at the point where I was frustrated with the system I had been denied three times. I went to the Packard Law Firm and from day one they were willing to work with me. The staff was responsive to my questions and all tasks were timely. A wonderful experience and would recommend to anyone I know would need this type of assistance.​ E.Mandujano Packard Law Firm has done a tremendous job for my case, have always answered any and all questions I’ve had involving my case and helped me to feel comfortable in moving forward. I will refer the firm to friends & family. D.Smith My experience with the Packard Law Firm has been amazing. The firm has been so professional and yet caring at the same time. They have not only met but exceeded my highest expectations. I am very pleased that I’ve won our case. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone needed this type of assistance C.Moreno Michael Gross was fantastic as my attorney in receiving my SS disability benefits. His ability in knowing the facts about my illness and the dates were outstanding. He was able to answer questions concerning my case when presented by the judge. I am very appreciative of all the hard work he did in preparation for the hearing. I thank him and the firm for their work on my case. L.Kappauf Our lawyer, Michael Gross and his team took on our Social Security disability case with very short time. They gave us usable info on their winning statistics against individual judges. They were organized, kept us informed and helped us to keep our stress level down. The entire team is very professional and friendly. L.Puni I’m so glad I went to Packard Law Firm, after being denied from SS benefits due to my diagnosis of mental illness and not being able / capable of going back to work, I became so depressed with being out of working and comfort desvail. They took care of me along back trial and kept me informed. I now feel as a large burden has been taken off my chest and I can’t thank them enough. So, please accept my sincere thank you for all you have done. I.Hernandez The Packard Law Firm was very helpful in taking on my case, I really appreciated there concern for myself and my family. I really feel I made the right choice in choosing the Packard Law Firm for handling my case. A.Gamez It is an honor and a privilege to share my experience with the Packard Law Firm. Amanda was especially kind and helpful throughout the process. She always returned my calls with kindness and action when necessary. I had a difficult time after I suffered a grand mal seizure and a broken neck. My spirit was broken because I had to retire earlier then planned. I found the Packard Law Firm kind, carring and compassionate the entire time. I would recommend Amanda and the staff at the Packard Law Firm to my friends and family. Thank you! And always in the future. M.Minker I would like to said Thank you for all the help and understanding of my situation. I will recommend family and friend to the law firm of Packard. R.Sullivan I just want to thank the Packard Law Firm, for the very great job they done on my case. Mr Michael Gross was on point if I was to gread his work at my hearing. I would give him a scale of 1-10 I would give him a 10… R.Walton I am a client if the Packard Law Firm for SSI. As I walked into their office, I felt confident in their ability to help me. I was treated with respect and dignity and when I met my att I felt like he was a friend. When they handled my case, I didn’t have to do anything except stay in touch with my attorney and let hime do the work. Thanks to the Packard Law Firm, I am able to enjoy my life again. L.Wingate

  • "...consider the Packard Law Firm..."

    “To future Social Security Applicants I highly suggest that you consider the Packard Law Firm They are very professional and helpful – helped ease my anxiety with dealing with Social Security highly recommend them.” F.Scheese

  • "I was overwhelmed..."

    “I came to the Packard Law Firm in December of 2014. I was overwhelmed with the forms that were required. They were extremely helpful and understanding in helping me. I was overwhelmed for nothing. While this whole process has been long and unnerving the team at Packard Law helped me realize how thankful I am for their help and hard work. I was very nervous when it came time to attend my hearing but Mr. Gross was very nice and helped settle my nerves. I am very thankful for all their help and that I came to them to begin with.” J.DeLeon

  • "...happy with the services provided..."

    “I have been very happy with the Services provided by the Packard Law Firm. From start to finish they have helped me with all of my needs. Without the Packard Law Firm I don’t think my success outcome would have been as smooth as it was.” P.Scott

  • "...outstanding..."

    “From day one, with the Packard Law Firm the service has been outstanding. Will has explained all the necessary information and documents. The SS Administration has awarded me disability. Will represented the Packard Law Firm with respect and much Knowledge. Will is a good employee. Thank you Will.” D.Guerra

  • "...thanks..."

    “I would like to express my thanks & pleasure on how my SS disability claim was handled. All the contact & help by everyone was professional & courteous & I would like to emphasize the excellent representation by Michael Packard who definitely showed his strength in my case.” J.Simmang

  • "...Happy..."

    “I have been extremely Happy with the way my case was handled for my social security claim. After being denied twice I decided it was time to let the professionals take over for me. I was treated with professionalism and as if I were family with them ultimately winning my case for me. If I have anyone that I end up knowning that needs the same help I will definitely send them to the Packard Law Firm to help with their case.” C.Brewer

  • "...so happy..."

    “I am so happy and proud to had come to Packard Law Firm. The people here are so wonderful and knowlegeble in what they help us for. They always kept me inform with everything that was going Involved with my case to the very end. I would gladly recommend everyone here they will go by detail in your case as well as my case. I’m am so overjoy to have won my case. Very overjoy with excitement to have come to Packard Law firm.” E.Torres

  • "...excellent..."

    “The work the Packard Law Firm did for me was excellent. They helped me win my disability case that had I lost the case my opinion would remain the same.” C. Dillard