San Antonio, TX
After an accident, everything becomes life altering. What do you do for medical care? How do you make sure you protect yourself and any future issues while also being fair and not trying to take advantage of someone? With just one appointment with the Packard Law Firm we felt safe and secure in our journey to recovery and not once did we feel like we weren’t in great hands! This firm practices with the upmost respect, not only for their clients, but for the physicians, opposing counsel, and supporting staff. If you’re looking for a team that while have your best interest at heart, even before their own financial gains, this is the firm to use. You will be treated like family here, where anytime you need to contact someone, you can reliably reach the Firm. You well fell valued and your win feels almost like a guarantee as long as you are a good and honest client. God Bless every member of the firm and all the hard work they do. You would think being almost killed by an 18 wheeler would be the most life altering experience an individual could have. However the most life altering experience we had was the care and consideration of the firm which lead to a very generous settlement that will ensure we have no worries in the future of our medical and personal needs.