San Antonio, TX
After 5 years of getting no where with my car accident case, I learned that you can fire your attorney and get a new one. My first attorney was primarily a family law attorney who had done a few car accident cases. Once I switched to Packard Law Firm I was able to have a surgery I desperately needed, and settle my case. They told me it was going to take a while because barely anything had been done. After 2 years and couple months we finally settled in mediation. It’s been a long road, but switching to Packard Law Firm was the best decision. They were very thorough, and we settled for an amount I did not expect to get. Even more important than that, I was able to have surgery finally, and it has greatly improved my health. I would absolutely recommend Packard Law Firm to friends, family and anyone who asks. They treat you like family and go above and beyond for their clients. Thank you Dan and Brent!