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Let Packard Law Firm Help You Establish A Special Needs Trust To Protect And Provide For Your Child Once You’re Gone

Special Needs Planning

From a young child with autism spectrum disorder to an elderly grandparent with Alzheimer’s, many of us worry about the well-being of our loved ones with special needs. What will happen to your child with disabilities when you’re no longer around? Can you leave your grandchild on SSI an inheritance after you pass away? How can you help your elderly mother when you have limited funds?

At Packard Law Firm, we understand these concerns. We have our own children with special needs, so we devote our very best efforts to clients with these worries.

While government programs are helpful for individuals with special needs, you may wish to provide more for your loved ones than basic government benefits. However, needs-based programs have income and asset limitations that may disqualify your loved ones from receiving any government benefits. Fortunately, there are legal options that allow you to provide security for your loved ones with special needs while ensuring that they retain invaluable government benefits.

Special Needs Trust

We can create a special needs trust that will allow individuals with special needs to receive inheritances, life insurance policies, or other assets from their family and friends without disqualifying them from receiving government benefits such as SSI and Medicaid. Having written hundreds of special needs trusts, we are highly skilled at drafting these important and complicated trusts.


When a person’s disabilities are severe, we can assist in the court process of becoming a legal guardian. A guardian will be legally responsible to protect and care for an incapacitated person and/or to manage his or her property. In addition to providing you with the necessary legal work, we help you understand your options and the specific responsibilities of a guardian.

Traditional Estate Planning

We assist anyone who wishes to create or update their last will and testament, power of attorney, or any other estate planning document. For individuals with special needs, estate planning is an important tool that is often used in tandem with special needs trusts and ABLE accounts. We are experienced with this kind of estate planning and are meticulous when drafting such documents.


When a loved one passes away, we will help you settle his or her estate. This process is relatively smooth with a well-written will; Without a will or some estate planning document, this process is typically much longer and requires more court involvement. Regardless, we will provide our best assistance through either situation.

Let Packard Law Firm Help You

Interested in learning more? Contact us online or call our San Antonio office today at 210-679-1930 for additional information or a consultation. Packard Law Firm’s team of dedicated and experienced attorneys give their all to help their clients, whether that is with special needs planning, traditional estate planning or probate.