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20 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Car Wreck Case | Free Book!

How to Avoid Getting Underpaid by an Insurance Company When You're Injured in an Accident

Car accidents are as frightening as they are unpredictable, and no one is prepared for an accident when it happens. However, people are often even less prepared for the aftermath of an accident. Dealing with insurance companies—particularly if you were seriously injured—can be a daunting task, and it’s not uncommon for people to unwittingly damage their chances of recovering the full amount they may be entitled to by making mistakes that they simply didn’t know to avoid. That’s why we wrote this book.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Car Wreck, You Probably Have Questions:

  • “Who is going to pay to repair my car?”
  • “How am I going to get to work while my car is in the shop?”
  • “What happens if the insurance company doesn’t want to pay?”
  • “Which doctor should I see?”
  • “How can I get medical treatment when I don’t have health insurance?”
  • “Should I give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster?”
  • “What is UIM and PIP, and how do they work?”
  • “How can I limit the impact this has on my family?”
  • “Is it smart to hire a lawyer?”

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Your life was hectic and stressful before the accident, and now you are in pain, you are worried about your car, you are worried about your long-term health, and you might lose your job. On top of that, you are dealing with an adverse insurance company, and if you make the wrong move, you could lose your whole case. The experience can be overwhelming.

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