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truck accident lawyerTruck accidents are one of the most disastrous traffic collisions you can experience. Due to the vehicle’s size and the driver’s unpredictability, truck wrecks are almost guaranteed to cause serious injury. This is why you need the protection and support of the Packard Law Firm truck accident lawyer—without it, the pain of your injuries will be the least of your problems. Come see how we can not only help secure your future but also help you get the treatment and compensation you need to overcome your ordeal.

Do you have an irrational fear of trucks? Do you grip the steering wheel a little tighter when you see a semi-truck looming toward you and your family? How often have you held your breath while passing a tractor-trailer?

We have news for you—it’s not an irrational fear, and you’re not alone.

Trucks—whether semis, tractor-trailers, or pickups—have a somewhat notorious reputation. Although it’s unfair to say that all trucks are dangerous, they do all have the potential to cause great harm. In the United States alone, trucks are annually involved in over 500,000 accidents that seriously injure or kill over 100,000 drivers, pedestrians, and families. Knowing this, why wouldn’t you be a little uneasy next to one?

Unfortunately, the anxiety that comes with risk is nothing compared to the actual suffering an accident can cause. In addition to painful injuries, if you and your family are caught up in a truck collision, then you may also end up literally paying for the truck driver’s inability to control his rig. Expensive medical costs and property damage—including car repair or replacement, steep recovery and treatment expenses are only a few of the financial burdens that will be hoisted onto your shoulders as a result of a truck wreck. Is that justice?

After representing hundreds of truck accident victims over the years and holding their hands through the most difficult ordeals of their lives, we would definitely have to say that being stuck with the expenses is not justice. We strongly believe that victims of truck wrecks should not be forced to pay for others’ mistakes. That’s why the Packard Law Firm has dedicated itself and the careers of its attorneys to help those in need take back their future and secure their rightful recovery. 

We Have the Conviction to Pull You Out of a Truck Wreck Catastrophe

truck accident lawyerMany victims of truck accidents are under the false impression that their insurance company will take care of them. Sadly, the truth is that just like any other business, insurance companies care more about their bottom lines than your survival…let alone your family’s recuperation. Although they may soften the blow with a pathetically tiny settlement offer, you can be sure that their main concern isn’t your wellbeing: it’s their profits.

In our minds, this is absolutely inexcusable.

At the Packard Law Firm, we not only understand the importance of securing your family’s future but as a family-oriented firm, we’re committed to making sure your needs are our highest priority. As such, we have spent our entire careers—a combined 150 years of experience—working to broaden our understanding and knowledge of truck injury law. This conviction has allowed us to be able to fully represent a wide range of truck accident scenarios, including:

  • Rollover and jackknife accidents: Collisions caused by a miscalculation of speed and braking that results in a truck’s trailer becoming imbalanced and either continuing forward (jackknife) or toppling over. These types of accidents can be extremely horrific as they can cause severe crushing injuries and death.
  • Head-on collisions: Accidents that result from the driver misjudging the area around his rig. This can occur as a result of him losing control of the vehicle, becoming distracted, or cutting a turn too short and swerving into oncoming traffic.
  • T-bone wrecks: Generally a result of a driver running a red light at an intersection, T-bone accidents occur when one vehicle slams into the side of another. Whether the truck crashed into your side, or you crumpled into his, the resulting injuries can be extreme.
  • Underride and undercarriage accidents: These types of accidents occur when you’re forced to rear-end a truck and wind up becoming lodged under the truck’s back end. They occur most often when trucks brake or stop unexpectedly. If you’re lucky enough to survive an undercarriage crash, you and your passengers could experience serious and life-altering injuries.
  • Pedestrian impacts: When a driver is distracted or fails to notice nearby pedestrians, it doesn’t take much force for a truck to cause serious impact injuries.

Every single one of the above accidents can cause horrendous injuries. As such, we not only endeavor to meet your needs as to the cause of your accident but to the effects as well. Our truck accident lawyers pride themselves in making sure that they have all of your financial bases covered with respect to the injuries that you and your family have endured—no matter how severe. For this reason, we routinely represent truck accident victims who have endured…

  • Minor injuries: Lacerations, bruises, broken bones, etc.
  • Catastrophic injuries: Impalement, organ damage, internal bleeding, amputation, and other extreme and life-changing trauma.
  • Head trauma: Concussions, contusions, lacerations, and facial scarring.
  • Brain damage: Hemorrhages, swelling, bleeding within the brain, coma, and related damage.
  • Neck and spinal injuries: Whiplash, lacerations, motor function problems, partial or complete paralysis, etc.
  • Complex injuries requiring specialized (and expensive) treatment, such as surgery, long-term care, extensive physical or psychological rehabilitation, occupational therapy, and other medical regimens.
  • Wrongful death: When the passing of a loved one was directly caused by negligence or carelessness of a truck driver.

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