San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney

Our Personal Injury Attorney Protect Injured Victims in San Antonio and Throughout Texas

At the Packard Law Firm, we help injured people put their lives back together. We want you to focus on your health and your family while we use our considerable experience and resources to protect you and achieve a settlement that fully compensates you for your lost wages, pain and suffering, past and future medical bills, and other damages. 

You probably never thought it would happen to you, but in the blink of an eye, you find yourself injured because of another person’s carelessness. Perhaps you were hit by a car or an 18-wheeler, perhaps you were hurt on the job, or you were injured in some other way because another person was not thinking or was not paying attention. Regardless of how your injury occurred, you are now faced with a whole new set of questions, stresses, and concerns. You want to take care of your family and you are not sure what to do. You are in pain and you need medical care. Perhaps you are not sure what kind of doctor you should see, or perhaps you don’t know how the medical bills are going to get paid. You want to keep your job if you can, but you can’t work right now. Perhaps you are not sure if you have a legitimate claim. For sure, you don’t want to make things worse by doing something that hurts your case.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Are Dedicated to Defending Your Right to Recovery

Our initial consultation is free, and there is no fee unless we win your case. We’re located in San Antonio and proudly serve injured accident victims throughout the entire region. Contact us today at 210-340-8877 to learn more.