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David Packard - Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney

My name is David Packard and I have dedicated my entire legal career to Bankruptcy Law. My team and I value the moral obligation you have to your family’s well being. We recognize that our clients are honest, hardworking people who fell behind on their bills despite their best efforts.

Here at the Packard Law Firm we work diligently to establish a safe and confidential environment so that you can comfortably discuss your current situation and express your financial goals. We provide powerful options to protect you and your family from immediate threats like foreclosure or repossession.

Once we understand your situation, our experienced bankruptcy attorney will give you clear direction and explain how bankruptcy can eliminate debt and reduce payments to give you and your family a fresh start.

Meet Our Team

Claudia, our staff bankruptcy attorney, helps Judges and Trustees understand how to connect complex matters of law to real life situations for her clients. Teresa, one of our Legal Assistants, ensures every legal document is perfectly filed on time, every time. Stephen, our most recent addition to the team, has experience fighting against corporations that try to take advantage of the vulnerable and economically disadvantaged.

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Schedule an appointment today for a free consultation so that you can get personalized answers to your questions. Our affordable payment plans and options make a brighter financial future realistic.

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Have had an excellent experience dealing with Michael Packard in personal injury dept and the bankruptcy dept, staff, including Teresa and Attorney Claudia Gross and David Packard went above and beyond for my case. They always made time to answer any of my questions. The entire firm is friendly and approachable. I would absolutely recommend The Packard Law firm if you need legal assistance.
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Date published: 08/29/2017
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What bill or debts are bothering you the most?

My home is up for Foreclosure

Save your home! Up to the day before the foreclosure sale, we can help you save your home with a qualifying chapter 13 bankruptcy plan. The sooner you take action to protect yourself and your family, the better. Filing for bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure, and give you time to catch up on your late payments. The majority or even all of your property can be protected from your creditors under a qualifying bankruptcy case.

My car might get repossessed

Save your car! Once a bankruptcy case is filed, your assets are legally protected from creditors. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy refinances your car at about 6% interest so you can get a clean start if you’ve missed payments. Exemptions can protect one car for each member of your household that has a license or has needs of transportation depending on the details of your case.

Credit card debt

Wipe out or consolidate your credit card debt with a qualifying bankruptcy, and stop receiving the harassing phone calls.

Medical Bills

Costly medical bills can be wiped out or consolidated in bankruptcy. You can keep your doctor and still receive regular treatment after filing for bankruptcy.

IRS Taxes

Filing for bankruptcy will stop IRS wage garnishment for owed taxes, and it could potentially wipe out IRS debt as well.

I’m Being Sued

Immediately stop lawsuits for unpaid bills and debts, and avoid liens against your property. If you have a judgement against you in the state of Texas, filing for bankruptcy will wipe that out while letting you keep your property.