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After suffering a horrendous car accident, you need the helping hand of someone you can trust to help you secure a fair settlement for your family. With over 50 years’ combined experience, the attorneys at the Packard Law Firm have the hands you need to reach for. Come see how our family will help yours get the justice and compensation you need to overcome your accident. 

san antonioEvery lawyer says: “We fight for you!” You hear it on all the TV ads and see it on every lawyer billboard and website. But fighting for your clients is a lot more than simply standing in front of a camera, crossing your arms and putting a scowl on your face. A car accident lawyer must first truly listen to the clients and obtain a deep understanding of their real concerns and needs. Only after that can the lawyer start to do the things that will actually solve the client’s problems and improve their lives. Here at the Packard Law Firm, we have been listening for a long time. We know what battles to fight and how we can help. So follow along as we explain how we help our clients with their most common concerns after a serious car accident.

You may ask: “With so many lawyers saying that that they 'fight for their clients,' how can I really know if a lawyer has what it takes to win my case in court if we have to go that far?” One way is to learn whether your lawyer is one of the 10 percent of all lawyers in Texas who has earned board certification. A car accident lawyer cannot get board certified in injury law unless that lawyer has actually tried a number of cases to a jury. Thus, the board certification distinguishes the lawyer as someone who is both willing and able to “go the distance” when necessary. In fact, less than 2 percent of all Texas lawyers are board certified in Personal Injury Trial Law. We note that the Texas Board of Legal Specialization operates under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Texas and is the official certification in this state—you can’t buy your way in. Learn more about what the State of Texas says about board certification.

Our Attorneys Help You Get Back on Your Feet after a Serious Car Accident, and Do Much More Than Just Handle Your Claim

Of course, every car accident is unique, and therefore every car accident claim will be different. However, we’ve noticed that when people meet with us they often have similar concerns. Here are some of the ones we hear most frequently, and how we can help in these situations:

There’s one more concern we often notice when we meet with the injured victims of car accidents. It’s an important concern, and one that we go to great lengths to address throughout the time we work with you:

“I’m Not a Number or File. I’m a Person, and I Want to Be Treated like One.”

car accident lawyerActually, most of our clients do not say this out loud, but they express it to us in many ways, and they truly appreciate having a lawyer who respects them, listens to them and is genuinely interested in their overall welfare. We are privileged to have clients who are people with families, talents, gifts, and problems, and we consider it a great honor to serve and represent them. That is why we chose to practice this kind of law—we want to help people, not corporations.

Our mission is to maintain our clients’ dignity while helping them fully recover financially, physically and emotionally after an injury. One way we do this is by giving the clients time to meet with their lawyer. We strive to make sure that every new client has an experience with their lawyer that is not rushed. Usually, Dan or Michael Packard will personally visit with you individually and, more importantly, will listen to you. Of course, we have an excellent, knowledgeable and professional staff who will work with you and be able to answer your questions. All work done on your case will be done under the supervision of a lawyer. For example, the car accident lawyer will actually negotiate your case and will help you decide whether to accept any settlement offer.

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Had the pleasure of using the Packards for an accident my wife and I were in. Michael was very efficient and very personable. I would HIGHLY recommend The Packard Law Firm to anyone who needs help. Their personal Injury department is outstanding!
Written by: Jake Ponce
Packard Law Firm
Date published: 05/29/2017
5 / 5 stars
Overall rating: ★★★★★5 based on 70 reviews

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