Why Should You Choose the Bankruptcy Attorneys of the Packard Law Firm?

My name is David B. Packard, I am a board certified bankruptcy attorney and have been practicing bankruptcy law for over 23 years here in Texas. Bankruptcy law has been a passion of mine since the day I became a lawyer.

Together with my team of experienced professionals here at the Packard Law Firm, we offer free consultations to listen to your financial situation and go over which bankruptcy option is best for you and your family. The bankruptcy department is founded on the following three principles, and they are the reason you can trust us to help your case succeed.

  • Integrity: We believe that all relationships are built upon trust. To have your genuine trust, our services are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable, but we are also forthright in our dealings. We take professionalism and honesty seriously, and we pledge to help you succeed without compromising anyone's integrity—yours or ours.
  • Communication: We also know that our clients must feel understood. We work diligently to establish a safe, confidential and stress-free environment so that you can discuss, not just the immediate crisis at hand, but your overall financial goals. We listen to you and seek first to understand where you’re coming from. We are then able to go over effective options and help you select the best one. Sometimes bankruptcy is what you need, and sometimes it's not. But what you always need is someone who will give you sound advice and who will listen to you with a nonjudgmental ear.
  • Affordability: We understand that you have financial concerns. We have developed payment plans and options that make paying the fees and costs associated with bankruptcy much more realistic. Feel free to ask us about payment options at the complimentary consultation.  
You don’t have to keep drowning in debt! Fill out our contact page or call us at 210-880-9395 for a free bankruptcy consultation. Our office is located in San Antonio, and we’re proud to represent people throughout the entire region.