You Need a Car Accident Attorney Who Can Make Sure You Get the Compensation the Law Says You Should

“I’m Not Greedy, But I Need As Much Money as Possible. This Accident Has Really Set Me Back Financially.”

There is nothing greedy about seeking full and fair compensation. At the Packard Firm, we are dedicated to making sure that every car accident victim gets the maximum recovery possible. We focus on the full injury you have suffered—physical, financial and emotional. We understand what an injury can do to your health, your family, your relationships, your job, and your bank account, and we pursue all these damages.

Our car accident attorneys start by gathering all the necessary documentation and then sending a well-supported, persuasive settlement package to the insurance company. Many times, this is enough to obtain justice. However, sometimes the initial negotiation is not enough to get full value. When that happens, we do something rather old-fashioned. When necessary, we actually go to court and try our cases to a jury. You might be surprised, but some of the lawyers who are biggest advertisers rarely take a typical car wreck case to court. Why? Short-term/short-sighted economics. Suppose your car wreck case has a fair settlement value of $20,000, but the insurance company only offers $15,000. If your lawyer takes the case all the way to trial and gets $20,000 from the jury, his fee would be larger by a few thousand dollars. However, he would have spent a lot of extra time and energy taking the case to trial—time that could have been spent making a lot more money settling other cases in the office. Thus, many firms have decided that it makes more financial sense to spend a lot of money advertising for car wreck cases, hire a bunch of staff to work up the cases, and then settle virtually every case.

Our Trial Experience Means Our Clients Get Fair Compensation for Their Injuries

Of course, the problem with those other firms’ business model is that the clients may not get full value for their cases. Why? Because an insurance company determines the value of a case based on what the adjuster believes would likely happen at the courthouse if the case does not settle. The ability to get justice from a jury is the only real leverage anyone has against an insurance company, and if the insurance adjuster believes that your lawyer will not really take your case to trial, that adjuster will respond with a low settlement offer. Why would the adjuster offer more if he knows that your lawyer is either going to accept the low offer or give the case back to the client? Of course, insurance companies know the lawyers who are willing to go to court and those who settle even when the offer is too low. The irony is that, in the long run, the lawyers who have an established record at the courthouse end up settling most of their cases as well, but they settle them at full value because the insurance adjusters know that these lawyers will hold them accountable at the courthouse if they do not make a fair settlement offer. That is how the system really works, and the lesson is: If you want a fair settlement, you need a lawyer who has demonstrated that he is ready, willing, and able to go to trial if necessary. That is what it really means to “fight for your client.”

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