Filing A Claim After a Hurricane

texas hurricane insurance claim lawyersTexas has never seen a storm like Harvey. Its 25 trillion gallons of water drowned our vehicles, destroyed our homes, and wrecked havoc upon our lives. So, we turn to our insurance companies to whom we’ve been paying premiums month after month over the years.  It would seem that this is one of those times for insurance companies to be held up to their end of the bargain.

Financial Relief After Hurricane Harvey

With Hurricane Harvey, there certainly have been a lot of questions about different types of coverages available to people to compensate them for the disastrous losses. Whether a windstorm claims in Rockport or Corpus Christi, or whether part of the catastrophic flooding in Houston or who knows what in the Golden Triangle, people like you will be asking what coverages apply to them and how they can use them.  Here is a quick summary of the laws that apply and resources available.

Pursuing a Successful Hurricane Damage Claim

Hurricane claims are complex and require time and money for success. But if prosecuted right, with the right skills, knowledge, and expertise, the results can be rewarding.

The Packard Law Firm works closely with some of the best experts in the state. For example, last year, The Brasher Law Firm, one of our close associates, fought against State Farm involving hail storm damage and won over half a million dollars for damages, penalty, interest, and attorney’s fees through the appeals process.

Work With Our Hurricane Damage Lawyers

Our firm knows what it takes to win at trial and on appeal. Our team of attorneys, staff, and expert relations enable us to even the playing field with insurance companies. If you believe that you or a loved one has a claim for insurance benefits has been improperly denied or underpaid, call us at 210-880-9395 to set up your free consultation today. Let our family help yours.